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Building Personal Strengths is a skill-building curriculum that does more than encourage strong environments. Eventually people need to navigate outside our best protected structures. Safeguards are less sure and supports less dependable. To function effectively, people need the personal skills that will assist them to stand when situations are difficult.

In this curriculum, learners distinguish between powerful and powerless behavior, strength that is assertive not aggressive and accountability that leads to personal strength. Intended for upper elementary and secondary students, positive applications are numerous.

Building Personal Strengths and the book Standing Strong are invaluable resources for every school and teacher wanting to better equip their students. The asset oriented, activity-driven 84 page curriculum features 3 VIDEOS dealing with victims, bullies and onlookers.

ANYTHING - hearing of an ex-classmate's suicide, a former bully recalls actions that haunt him today.

HOW MUCH POORER THE WORLD WOULD BE - a fictionalized account of Thomas Edison, Winston Churchill and Rosa Parks considering life as it might have been if aggressors had won the day.

THE DIFFERENCE OF ONE - snapshots of Dr. Ben Carson's life demonstrates the powerful impact of one.

Standing Strong helps educators, parents and victims better understand and deal with issues related to bullying. Chapter topics include: Put Downs and Push Downs; Keeping Cool When Things Get Hot; Anger - Understanding the Process and Creating an Atmosphere of Success.


Caging the Invader - - improving the odds against cancer, is an introduction to the important subject of cancer and cancer prevention.

Many cancers can be prevented and this curriculum, developed for secondary school students, helps get that message across. This interactive curriculum includes video vignettes, classroom activities, information sheets, and teacher resource materials to convey factual material on cancer prevention and early detection.

The mole metaphor as the underground invader (a rodent doing unseen damage over time), the undercover infiltrator (a person who infiltrates and when time is opportune sabotages an organization), and undetected disease (a skin mole which is at risk of melanoma) is incorporated throughout the curriculum to better engage the students and promote the concepts being addressed.

Three video segments are included with accompanying discussion questions.

UNLESS AN ENEMY OVERTAKES ME - an emotional narrative about shared dreams that raises issues about invincibility and immortality.

WHO SAYS? - a contrasting dialogue between a doctor and several young people about the claims made regarding cancer, its causes and appropriate actions for prevention. It raises issues of who and what to believe, and the importance of action and behavior rather than knowledge alone in cancer prevention.

CONTROLLED ILLUSIONS - a dialogue between two persons creating a video game. It raises the issues of risk, vulnerability, manipulation and control.


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