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  Standing Strong by Rob Inrig STANDING STRONG
New Hope for the Victim. True Strength for the Bully
by Rob Inrig

Don't be mistaken. This isn't just another work about bullying. In an engaging and easy to follow style, the author has written a 'must read' winner. Read it. Apply it. And you will have skills that can soon be put into practice.

Originally written to help parents, educators, and youth understand and better deal with difficult people and situations, the principles apply equally to the workplace. When power is misused everybody suffers. Employees cease to be productive, staff turnover increases, and company profits dive. But the good news is that there is hope - the white flag does not have to be flown.

Drawing from many years of professional practice, Rob considers how bullies see and respond to their world, how victims can regain solid ground and how people can stand strong against the bully's power games. .    more info (2.1 MB PDF)

  Only the Courageous Wear Gold by Rob Inrig ONLY THE COURAGEOUS WEAR GOLD
by Rob Inrig

These stories and reflections remind us that choosing courage is required if we want to experience the best that life has to offer. Sometimes courage calls us to stand alone, sometimes to stand with others. Without courage we often allow others to shape how we think and how we choose. But it doesn't need to be that way.

Things happen to us that have the possibility of knocking us off our feet. Sometimes we are able to remain firm, sometimes not. But what we do about those events is what is important. Only the Courageous Wear Gold examines how we respond when people treat us as if we don't have what it takes. How do we deal with failure and setback?

When bad things happen, do we seek revenge or do we get on with life, better prepared for the future? When is it time to stand alone and when is it time to stand with others? This book, originally written for youth, has proven to be equally impactful with adults. If story best anchors truth for you, then this book can help you consider and choose strength that will serve you well in the future.

  Leaping Into Courage by Rob Inrig LEAPING INTO COURAGE - So Others Will Follow
by Rob Inrig

Courage is more than daring and exploit. Leaping Into Courage explores ways that people can follow their own courage path and assist others to do the same.

Written for anyone who wants to live courageously, Leaping Into Courage examines courage that is needed to live life well, to face difficult situations and stay true to oneself. It is the courage to better know oneself and to take action to shape our responses rather than waiting for someone to shape them for us.

Courage calls us to step forward despite the wrongs that have been done to us. It acts, not allowing setbacks to define what will be. But personal gain isn't the end point. Courage leads out so others will follow!

Filled with insights, activities, and quotes, this is an invaluable resource. A brief personality survey helps you look at yourself in ways you might not have previously done. Armed with this knowledge, you can begin to understand your strengths and those of others in a more complete way.

Just think how you and those around you will change when you discover courage that has been left unclaimed for too long!


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